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July 30th, 2021
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Have you ever wanted to sail on a yacht? Well here is your chance

Challenge Wales are a local charity that sail on a 72ft around the world Yacht, helping young people gain confidence and improve their skills while working as a team.

Challenge Wales also run voyages for people who just want to have the experience of working and sailing on a yacht.

One trip that they’ll have running this year is their Sailing by the stars. Their Sailing by the stars is a non stop two day voyage that lets you sail around the welsh coast, working in teams and allowing you to get involved in all aspects of sailing the largest sailing Yacht in Wales! You will have a great opportunity to see the international space station, amazing moon set and fantastic sunrise!

Challenge Wales will also be participating in the Tall Ships Spectacular. Sailing from Cardiff to Belgium, Spain and Portugal with over 100 boats and several thousand people taking part this summer! Racing against boats from all over the world you’ll be able to experience different cultures, watch dolphins swim alongside the ship, take part in street parades and have a summer full of fun.

Various dates and voyages will be available all year so come and join us with your friends/family or just by yourself!

You can request more reservations@challengewales.org or call ‘02920 704657’

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