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October 22nd, 2021
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Why you should avoid voicemail

If someone calls your home during the day, they’re usually not too surprised if you don’t answer the phone, since most people work during the day.

Consequently, when someone does call your home, they probably don’t mind leaving a voicemail and receiving a call from you later.

When people call a business, though, they expect someone to answer the phone — especially during normal business hours.

Of course, there are times when voicemail may be helpful for businesses as well (such as when the office is closed), but callers do prefer to speak to someone when they call.

Voicemail is relatively cheap (and even free with many systems), but there are other costs associated with voicemail that you may never have considered.

The most critical cost is that of lost sales or revenue.

If you miss a call, it may have been from a customer wanting to make a repeat purchase from you, or a potential customer looking to make their first.

How much revenue do you lose by not answering a call? It’s very difficult to calculate an exact amount, but it’s safe to assume that any lost revenue affects your bottom line negatively.

When you do miss a call from a potential customer, it is quite possible that they will leave a voicemail message and request a call-back.

If you’re the only game in town for the product or service you provide, that caller may actually wait for a call-back. However, if there are other companies in your area that provide the same goods or services, it is highly likely that the caller will be calling your competitors as soon as they hear an automated message.

If that happens, how costly is that voicemail then? Well, depending on the goods or services you provide, that missed call could cost you a significant amount of revenue.

A Computer Weekly article cites data from a BT Business report that indicates small and medium sized companies are losing millions every year due to missed calls.

The report states that, in the UK alone, SMEs are losing £90,000,000 due to missed calls. The BT Business report goes on to say that the average cost of a single missed call is £1,200!

The report also shows that 85% of callers who can’t reach company on the first try will not call back and that 75% will not leave a voicemail. – That’s 75% of opportunities lost!

Can businesses afford these types of losses?

As a current client, Answermyphone.biz are helping to stop callers going to voicemail by providing a professional call answering service which fits in seamlessly with your business. Be glad your calls aren’t going to voicemail and recommend them to a friend so that they can help them too.

To find out more about their services contact Answermyphone.biz team on 02920 695 999 or visit http://www.notjustphoneanswering.co.uk/

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